Friday, April 1, 2011


One post a month and then WHAMMO! Two in one day. I drew the two outfits for the Round Robin I mentioned way back. My daughter also drew a dress.

My dress shape is inspired by a dress in Marilyn Henry's Marilyn Monroe set, I chose the colors for it based on the doll's shoes (Didn't feel like drawing any). The other outfit is pretty much they type of thing I wear while I draw, pretty simple that. Surprisingly I completely forgot all about tabs until it was too late. I drew some on the copies I sent out.

My Dress-a-Doll from this year's party.

This was my entry this year. I was not prepared like I was last year and so it's not nearly as good. Our theme was "Musical Moments in Paper Dolls". All I could think of was "The Wizard of OZ," so that's what I chose. I didn't have any images to base it on, so I was forced to draw it from memory. I completely forgot about her blue socks. I also forgot to bring a pencil sharpener which is why the bodice and sleeves are drawn much better than the skirt. I got frustrated, lost some of my focus and started settling. Also I've never been really good with plaids, so I almost never attempt them.

I'm not thrilled with this, because I gave up once I realized I couldn't sharpen my pencils. However I owe you a post and I fixed my printer/scanner/copier.

I'm finally catching up with the housework which means I'll feel less guilt when I draw instead of clean. So hopefully that means I'll be more active here. Also my son is turning 5 this summer so he'll be off to Kindergarten in the fall. This means way more uninterrupted art time for me.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the doll featured belongs to Magazine Cover Girls Paper Doll Book, Merrill, 1944 and her name is Patricia. I've included an image of the set's cover in case you were interested in seeing it.