Monday, May 6, 2013

The Let-Down

One thing I hear a lot from other paper doll artists and collectors is that at one point they became to busy for paper dolls. I always thought maybe I just loved them more since I never have. I am starting to think it's because I fought tooth and nail for it. It's really hard these days, I feel like I've drawn nothing but doodles in the last year.

I'm not giving up, but I'm realizing that I am essentially in the same position those others were. Maybe it's just hitting me a few years later.

I'm 29 next month, I have two kids 10 and 6 years, most days I watch my niece who is 4. I thought it would be easier once they were a little older and both in school, but I feel like it's more intensive now. I'm trying to raise good people. I am not working currently, but I am looking for a job. I never feel I have the time for art anymore, I feel guilty and sad about it. Paper dolls are important to me and help me feel centered, but for some reason I'm not doing much creating. I am still cutting out my double sets and buying some PDs now and then, but it's not as satisfying for me.

I do think about drawing and this blog every day, no exaggeration.

Does anyone who's been through this have any thoughts or tips on how I can get back on track? I want to, but I've always struggled with motivation.

I wanted to touch base with you all and say that while I don't know when I'll be drawing again, I hope it's soon, I hope it's tomorrow. I'm just not sure I can make any promises that I can keep just now.