Thursday, May 31, 2012

SPD Helpers Part 2

Several different dolls.I like the kitty & the teeny tiny one best.

Some very pretty homemade cards, if I find out who made them I will update.

An old-fashioned card, love the hat.

Another mixed lot of paper dolls. I spy a Queen Holden in the mix.

Not 100% sure what this is. I'm assuming it's a sheet of illustrations of different dolls that are/once were available to buy.

So, all in all, it seems I picked five photos I can't come up with many words for. I think it'll be ok, because we both know you're not here for words.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some "Helpers" from the March PD Party

It's not my artwork, but it's something right? These are the "Helpers" that were available, helper is what we call raffles in paper doll terms. They're also called that because they are donated and the money collected goes to help pay for the costs of the party. I always try to buy lots of tickets, because it'll break my heart if the parties stop.

Ok so this first one was the one my girl wanted the most, but sometimes you win, sometimes not so much. This went to a woman who seemed pretty delighted and L got spoiled with other paper dolls. It's so her though, a princess with poufy pink dresses, those are her favorite kind.

This next one was a mystery box and it went to Lone. Everyone was so curious as to what was inside. It turned out to be craft supplies, ribbons, sparkles, pretty papers and the like. Very cool.

This one I won (yay!). A binder with many Anne Estelle and friends pages. I have a confession though, I like Anne Estelle's friends the most. There's a list inside of all the different pages that were created and the ones in the binder are marked, so I can easily see which ones I don't have. What sold me though, was the beautiful Queen Holden book underneath it. Such big beautiful book. I'll have to take some pictures for you sometime. Especially since to this date my Queen Holden post is my most popular. I'm so lucky to have it in my collection.

This one is of a paper plaything, not necessarily a paper doll. I believe it's a toy story at Christmas time. There's many clerks to help out the two customers wandering around. I'm not a pop-up collector myself, but this is beautifully detailed.

This last one was amazing. Lone won this one as well, lucky lucky. All cut pieces from many different sets, many likely incomplete. I think everyone wanted it. When Sarah showed it at Show & Tell the night before, people were gasping when she opened the box and started pulling out some examples. Very exciting. There was so much variety, that's at least two to three inches of dolls in their protective plastic sheets. Lucky lucky Lone, this one was hard to not envy over. Still hard actually.

Edit: More to come throughout the week. I took 23 photos of the helpers and I think I'll share 'em all with you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Southeastern PD Party 2

At long last, here they are. Please refer to my earlier post for my inspiration pictures. I'd add them here but I am heading out the door to go cuddle my brand new baby nephew and well, he's small and soft. I'm sure you understand.

This scan is the outfit my girl submitted.

She won the Under 18 category. She was the only one who brought one, but it still counts right? She won a cute little bag in a pretty blue paper doll print with crayon pockets on the outside. Very sweet.

I found these images of the fabric via Google and the site I got them from is Up The Rainbow Creek.