Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clothes for Classy

TA-DA! Not fancy, simple and lovely though.

The red one is inspired by a black and white jacket from the 50s. The blue was was originally going to be orange, but Leah begged me to make it blue. The gray is loosely based on the outfits the housekeeping ladies wear at work. (Loosely because after I started sketching I realized I never paid any attention to what they actually look like.) Notice her 5 year pin. I imagine Classy (the doll) wants to be a big movie star, but until she gets the job she has to get a regular job. The other two are for after she makes it big.

Also I finally got around to trying my expensive art pencils I bought way back when Hungates closed. I put it off because I was sure once I used them I'd never want to go back. My fears were right, they're so smooth and gorgeous I can't help but like them better. The red and blue are done with them and the black pants of the uniform. Blue shoes are glitter pen.

Also want to quickly thank Liana of ( for talking about how she uses the colorless blender. You have changed the way I draw and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to you. You are a paper doll angel, thanks for inspiring me.

Edit. Figured out the link issue. You need to type something, highlight it and then insert link. I am on a roll today.


  1. Yaay!!! They are beautiful! I can't decide which I like the most.... the red one or the blue one!!!

  2. they are beautiful!! awesome job!
    thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. Beautiful dresses all 3 of them. The blue evening dress is gorgeous.