Friday, July 30, 2010

A long overdue outfit for Leah's pixie.

Done last night. I started thinking of Violets, when I made the top part. Then I realized that purple & blue construction paper is very similar in pigment and the contrast wouldn't satisfy me. (I'm using construction paper for all her costumes because she herself if made from construction paper and I haven't used it for paper dolls before. Or at least not in a long time.) So I though "She's a pixie, she can pick any flower petals she wants to wear. Then I thought of Tiger Lilies. Top is blue construction paper with markers & blue glitter, bottom is yellow construction paper with several different markers. The blue is all one piece, but the petals on the skirt were all individually cut & arranged. (The most time consuming part of the whole outfit.) I think the whole thing took me 20-30 minutes and didn't turn out that bad. Actually the glue drying time probably took the longest, but I slept during that so it didn't bother me much.

It should fit. Well the scan that is in my Picasa album should fit the scan of the pixie also in the album. I don't know if it will fit directly from this blog, but it most likely will. Print here at your own risk.

I have been feeling pretty bad about leaving you all hanging these past few weeks. Hope this makes up for it a little.

Oh, I got my absentee packet (for the 2010 convention) in the mail a few days ago and I love it. While I really like them all, I think my favorites are the one by Darlene Jones & Eileen Rudisill Miller, my mind keeps floating back to them. I don't know if I can share them here. Probably not, maybe at the lowest resolution or something. I will try to find out.

Yours always.

Edit: Had to resize the image that was showing up. It was too small for me, then it was too big.


  1. Oh, It is very pretty! I like how the orange and blue go together!
    Definitely something a pixie would wear!


  2. I love the dress, your two flower choices are lovely and I am sure a pixie would pick them also. Any chance of seeing the pixie doll this is for?

  3. Wow, that's just stunning!I love everything about it- the details, the shading, the contrast. I wish I could do that. :(
    (By the way, this is Lily from Silent Moonstone. :))