Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pixie doll.

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Marlendy over at requested a picture of the pixie the outfit in my last post belongs to so here she is. She doesn't have a name, because it changes depending on what day she is being played with.

On the right hand side of my blog if you scroll down is a little box that says something like "Picasa Photostream" If you follow that it will take you to my albums there where inside the folder "Fantasy PDs" (or maybe it actually says paper dolls *shrugs*) There are some higher quality scans of her there. Her clothes should fit fine if you feel like printing them out, but as of today she has only the one outfit. There's other drawings up there but I can only be sure some of them will actually be the right size when printing. A few folders I'm pretty sure are all higgly piggly. The ones with the blue backgrounds are right, that much I do know. When I first started scanning I just wanted to show them to a few people and didn't think about printing sizes. (This is code for I talk too much.)

So Adios to you, because now I must go look at your blogs.