Friday, March 2, 2012

New Printer Scanner!

It's in route from California right now! I can't wait. I've been researching for weeks and when I finally made my decision it got complicated. First, they said it was delayed, then they said it was out of stock, next it was discontinued. My order was canceled. Thanks to Amazon I found another one and for $50 cheaper! Not in snazzy black, but in a nice brown color that apparently people were uninterested in. If it works, the outside color is unimportant, if you ask me. I wanted a good one, because I plan on using it to make nice PD souvenirs to send to parties and to start working on making sets that maybe someone out there will be willing to buy. Didn't want one that would be substandard for what I need to for. By the way, did you know it's nearly impossible to find a reference to how well it copies artwork? Had to comb through a lot of customer comments to find that info. This year I plan to draw more, post more, etc. Stay tuned for updates!

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