Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Southeastern Paper Doll Party 1

The theme was Evening in Paris and I had been completely unable to think of what to draw for the dress-a-doll contest. The night before it occurred to me that I should look for inspiration from Paris Fashion Week. Great idea right? These images are my inspiration. I will have to add pictures of my actual drawings later on, because I foolishly forgot to photograph them. The colors are different, the blue dress became red (doll has a red flower in her hair) and the cream became yellow. Can't wait to share them with you.

No idea where this one came from, other than it's part of a fall-winter collection (I think this years, but I can't be sure).

This one is part of Elie Saab (Spring-Summer, I'm pretty sure) 2012 collection. I love Elie Saab, they make some wonderful clothing.

I really like both, the blue is so ethereal and flowing, while the cream is smart and sophisticated. I wish I could pull either of them off, but alas, I am a short woman.

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