Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google Reader going away..

If you use Google Reader to keep up with some blogs, you're going to need to find another way.

I personally use Bloglovin'. I've been using it for a long time now actually. Yes, I follow other PD sites through Google reader, but that's more so their links show up on my page and I can help get them a few more followers if possible. I have never actually used Google reader to actually keep up with the content though.

 The main reason I like Bloglovin' is because you can sort/categorize the sites you follow. I have a paper doll group, a cooking group, a group for people I know, etc. It keeps posts for about a month before they expire. Great for me because if I don't get online all week, I don't have to go to each individual site to see if there's any updates, only updated sites show up. That way while Liana (of http://joechip.net/liana/) is on her adorable baby hiatus, I'm not driving myself crazy wondering if she's back. When she is, it will pop up and I won't miss it. (Ok, so I am wondering, but I understand she's got more important things to do right now.)

Another thing I like is that even if a blog/site hasn't registered themselves with the site, I can still input the link and start following the content from then on. This is also helpful for foreign language sites that post PDs, but not only PDs. I see a picture (if the post has one) and a portion of the beginning text content. That way I don't have to try to figure out the post on antique teapots unless I choose to. Or craft posts I know I'm never going to do.

I've also gotten personal, thoughtful replies anytime I've had a problem, which has been only two or three times in at least two years.

There are other sites, rss feed readers out there & maybe you will find one you like better, but this is how I follow nearly every site I read regularly, so I think you might also find it useful.

This post is not sponsored in any way.

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