Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paper Dolls in Richmond.

I am at the 2014 PD Convention right now. Finally made it to one. I've seen Brenda Sneathen Mattox & David Wolfe so far, but haven't gotten a chance to be star struck and trip over my tongue in front of them yet. I did meet Eileen Rudisill Miller, but didn't realize who she was until I was about to walk away. Judy Johnson is lovely, as well as her daughter Jenny Taliadoros. Pretty sure I chatted with Sylvia Kleindinst (Edited: I did!) while waiting in line for cake (It was Ron Fong's birthday!), but I didn't see her name tag, so I'll be sure later on I suppose. Let's see, I saw Kwei-lin Lum walking down the hall. I was tempted to run after her and ask if she got my email, but I had my hands full with baby.

Speaking of baby, I easily have the cutest 5 week old at the convention. This last year has been the busiest yet and sadly I've barely been able to doodle, much less paper doll.

What has been a surprise is that, aside from people I've met before and people I know from Facebook, I have been recognized. When we were headed for the elevator (possibly in it) a woman said "Oh, you're the artist." Which surprised me and I tripped all over my tongue. Later on (also in the elevator) I was recognized AGAIN! My unique name is doing it's job. This time by Ron, who apparently reads this blog (Hi Ron!), he even said I was "On his list of people to meet". Which is pretty amazing and I'm a little awed to have anyone say that about me. 

I just can't believe anyone in the real world knows who I am.. 

My husband is giddy and maybe a little gloaty. He's always telling me that I sell myself short.

I'm going to post pictures from the convention over the next few days and hopefully resurrect this blog. Will try to do them nightly, so that I don't get bogged down with mom duties and forget.

Either way, thanks for sticking around. It honestly does mean so much to me.

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