Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few pics from the PD Party.

These pictures were taken by Tracy, who has her own blog (http://mightyfineart.blogspot.com/). I was not able to find my memory card (which my son thoughtfully removed from my camera several days in advance) to take my own pictures.

The first three pictures are from the show & tell portion of the event. That is Brenda in the green holding up a "art paper doll" but I can't remember who she said made it. Yes, that is me with a mask on my head looking at that Victorian pop-up book. The next picture is Nancy (I am fairly sure, but not 100% about it) with her show & tell item, which was a book by American Girl specifically about Kit.

After that we have Nancy's submission to the Dress-a-Doll (correct me if I'm wrong anyone who knows). It was very beautiful, in real life it looked 3d. The next picture is several PDs that go with the theme. I now have a few things to look up now.

The next picture is Brenda again with JaNelle, two of the nicest ladies you could hope to meet. Then comes Martha Davis (her dolls are amazing) & Jean our host. They are also really wonderful ladies.

The last two pictures are pictures of happy shopping. Ruth is wearing the dark sweater over a white shirt, Margaret is standing next to her in white. The name of the lady in purple is escaping me right now, I'm sure it will come to me after I post this. I don't know the names of the woman in green or the woman in the blue in the last picture (I'm sorry!).

I'll post my submission soon and some scans of my purchases.

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