Thursday, March 18, 2010

New folders in my Picasa

These are paper dolls I made from when I was 11 to probably 14. I've included a folder with the contents of the fashion kit, a folder using the dolls I made from the kit with photo copied heads and a folder of dolls with hand drawn faces too. So three folders in all. Enjoy. You should be able to just click the pictures here as a link of sorts.

Crayola Fashion Designer Kit
Dolls made using the Crayola Fashion Kit.
Dolls drawn & inspired by the Crayola Fashion Kit


  1. wow! That's a lot of paper dolls!
    What do you use to ink them?

  2. Well, now I use more artsy markers, but when I used these I just used a standard ballpoint pen. It is a lot, but I loved making these girls.

  3. What kind of artsy markers do you use?

  4. Mostly Prismacolor, but I have a couple of flesh toned Tombow ABT that I use for outlines. I like the Tombow ABT the best for skin tones because they have a standard marker side, but they also have a side that's more like a paintbrush. It has a very fine point but it can easily be thickened if that's what you wanted to do.