Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished another outfit last night

So the subject continues here: for the PD party next month. Can't show you the whole thing yet but here's a picture of the mask it was inspired by.. Oops, it turns out they no longer have it on the website I got it from. Well it's red, checkered and has (?) flame-y edges. I will however post a picture of the boots.

I spent the most time on the mask, which has long brown hair attached to it (doll has short blond hair). I tried something new though. I usually avoid hats or wigs because they never want to stay put, the tabs never work really great. I noticed a PD artist for Paper Doll Studio (The Folk Costume issue) made these little half moon shapes to glue to the back of the hat forming a pocket the doll head slides into. It works fantastically. I'm half tempted to go and make them for every PD I own. I think I will modify the owl mask this way too now.

I was up and down the whole time. The mask was perfect, the hair looked great, then I put it on her. I hadn't traced her head as well as I though and there were gaps of empty space! Really unhappy. This was fixed the the back of the pocket, I colored it brown and added longer unglued pieces to cover up the gaps. That worked out pretty good. Then I started the dress. I drew the outline and was really pleased with the shape, I picked my coloring and got to it. It was aweful, all I could think was "Ugh, I have completely messed this up. It's ruined & I'll have to start over now." I am stubborn though and tried to change it a little in hopes I could at least make it less hate-able. It worked, I'm satisfied with it now, I don't know that I like more than the owl. That will be hard to beat, but the more I look at the red dress, the more I like it. I can't wait to post it for you.


  1. Hey! Love the outfit! the red is very cool!
    What doll is it for?
    And what website is the PD party?

  2. Thanks, I haven't posted the doll yet. Everyone who received an invitation (which can be requested if you've never been to one before) also received a paper doll. I don't know much about her, but she's a copy of an older doll... I can post her after the party next month. The party doesn't have it's own website, but you can find out about different parties at this site: http://opdag.com/convention.html. That's how I found out about this one last year. I don't know what area you're from so the one I'm going to might not be one you could normally attend. However there are quite a few in all different places, if there isn't one local to you up now, keep checking the site. One will pop up.

  3. thank you!