Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will be holding off on masquerade outfits.

I emailed the lady in charge of the Masquerade PD party and asked her if it would be alright to post the doll and here's what she sent back.

"Thank you, too, for your thoughtfulness in asking about our pretty doll from "Costume Party" (Gabriel set). I would be much obliged if you would hold her and her outfits to show later on your blog, after the party. That should make very interesting content to see all your designs!"

So I will maybe post photos of unfinished outfits until then, but will hold off on any completely designs until the party is over. The party is scheduled for March 13th, so sometime after that I will put everything up.

So I guess that means I will have to start work on another project so I will still have something to post in the meantime. So what to do next.....

I'm feeling like doing a costume fall related. I woke up thinking about how pretty the trees are in fall and how I might be able to incorporate that into a dress. Maybe leaves for a skirt, I'm even thinking that maybe I might look up foliage pictures from where I grew up.

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  1. hey, thats a cool idea! I love it!
    Or you could do some fantasy clothes, or some mediaval things.
    from the